Two former classmates see each other on a train. One of them is cheerful and friendly, perhaps a bit pushy. The other has a tendency to have strange, explosive anxiety attacks that terrify the people around her. This is a story about their encounter.

A short film I directed about my own experiences with social anxiety and how it affects others. Despite it being a very personal film, I wouldn’t have been able to make it without the numerous people contributing, so I recommend looking up all their names in Google and finding their blogs, because they deserve the clicks. Thanks!

YouTube version

There’s gonna be a new Zelda, you guys!

There’s gonna be a new Zelda, you guys!

Something I’ve been working on inbetween jobs. First third uses video reference.

Something I’ve been working on inbetween jobs. First third uses video reference.

Jump Animation


Here’s a little fun animation for ya! Or, maybe it’s not fun, I don’t know, just watch it.
Click it to expand. Expand means ‘make rather larger’.


My friend Aaron is amazing and you should all follow him. He’s basically a real life, 23-year-old Finn.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

i don't know if it's my eyes fooling me, but the arms on the arc section of your tutorial look exactly the same. did you mess up or do i need to get my eyes checked?

It’s mainly my fault. The ‘bad example’ arm doesn’t follow the arc, but I admit, it’s not very noticeable unless you watch it frame-by-frame. When I get some extra time, I plan on doing a few addendums to my tutorial that’ll address mistakes like that. Had I known the tutorial would go viral, I probably would have put in more time in its presentation, haha.

What program do you use to do animation?

For my 2D stuff I pretty much just use Toonboom Animate nowadays, which has a lot of the same features as Flash but with a brush that isn’t complete garbage and actually makes the strokes you want to make on your first try. :P It’s REALLY expensive, though, and if I wasn’t able to get a huge discount on it through my school, I probably would have stuck with Flash.

My 3D stuff is all Maya. I really should learn Blender, though…

I just wanna say that I always envisioned that Megaman’s eyes were a light-up display, or at least the Protomen version of him anyway (“when your eyes shine just like mine”). So that’s just really cool that Nintendo decided to do that. I like Megaman more when he’s more obviously a robot and not questionably a cyborg.

who run the world
girls GIRLS

who run the world

girls GIRLS

Animation WIP! Gonna try to animate an entire video game moveset for her eventually.

Things that still need work:

  • Pigtails animation doesn’t look great.
  • Arms waving around too much?
  • Add a blink or something to make stare less terrifying
  • Figure out why the first frame is rendered differently than the rest (that’s the cause of the weird flicker)
  • Figure out a better way to make a gif with an alpha channel without making it suck hard.

Rig by the excellent David O’Reilly!